Peter Paul, founder of ART IN BUSINESS

Andy Warhol

Welcome to ART IN BUSINESS (AiB), the modern matchmaker of creativity and commerce. In 2003, AiB was created as part of a Chamber of Commerce Arts Task Force. In recognizing the cultural, social and economic impact, businesses reached out to the art community. AiB was the perfect solution for a mutual collaboration. Since then, through open houses, sales events and art openings, AiB created innovative promotion opportunities for new customers and potential clients on a scale and level not known to businesses before.
We promote economic development for the arts and businesses, and turn a minimal investment into a win-win situation for both.



By becoming a catalyst for the visual arts in the community, a company also becomes a promoter of the economic development as a whole.
Our advisory board consists of professional community members with high standards from a variety of business backgrounds.
AiB curators are established professionals in the business of art industries.

Businesses profit on the strength of their associations.

Our Art Lease Program creates exciting and positive work environments for employees and customers as well as a visual branding statement for each business.

AiB also creates art events and lease programs for the residential and municipal sectors.